Top 5 Things Students Need To Know When Moving From Los Angeles To New York

NY vs LAIf you are a student moving from Los Angeles to New York, you may be excited about a new world full of freedom and opportunities. You are probably looking forward to being on your own and not having to tell anybody about your whereabouts. However, there are a few things that no one will tell you that you should be aware of to be fully prepared for what to expect.

Knowing Your Budget

Be careful about this one because if you thought $700 was enough to last you through the semester, you are wrong.  Food and outings in New York is much more expensive than you think and you will find using at least $30 every week for your metro card. Shopping, going out with friends and Netflix subscriptions will throw your budget out of proportion as well. You will find yourself asking your mom for more money or take up a part-time job to avoid going broke.

Arctic-Like Temperatures

The weather is certainly a big shocker and the winter seems unbearable to those who have moved recently. If you have heard about cold days in New York, trust me, you may have never imagined it this bad. It gets worse when your roommate tells you that it’s going to be colder than this. When you have a t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, and jacket on piled on, you become envious to see your brother who is chilling out on the beach in California.

Struggling To Find A Good Avocado

If you love avocados, this is going to be hard for you. Those who are used to eating the freshest produce brought from the farmer’s market in Los Angeles will be shocked to not find them in New York. It will be a constant struggle to find a sandwich the way you prefer. You will mostly find French fries and chicken tenders. If you ask for avocado in your sandwich, they will squirt what is known as an avocado paste on your bread. Not exactly the same thing, is it?

Strangers Are Strangers

People in the LA may be called artificial and snobbish, but you can see warm and friendly smiles wherever you go. In New York, everyone seems to be walking so fast and they are always so focused on their eyes looking forward or stuck on the ground. If you mistakenly smile at someone at the grocery store or supermarket, expect to get a confused look and a question, “do I know you?” With time you will learn not to make eye contact with strangers.

You Are Really Far From Home

When your friends living on the east coast buy tickets to go home or their parents visit them to take them out for lunch, you realize that you really are far far away from home, family, and friends. You will see your parents only when you both are available on Facetime because plane tickets to fly home are nearly $600.

In conclusion, before you thrust yourself into the world of a fast-paced, crazy metro trains and avocado-paste sandwiches, make sure you are mentally prepared to face the initial challenges when you are moving from Los Angeles to New York. Save up some more money and plan ahead so you do not go broke. After you have done this, you will be more prepared for your move.