Federal Bureau of Investigation Seals & Plaques

FBI sealsThe Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is one of the most well-known and respected law enforcement agencies in the world. As such, the FBI seal and plaque are symbols of the agency’s commitment to protect the United States and its citizens. In this article, we will discuss the history and significance of the F.B.I. Plaques and Seals.

The FBI seal was first introduced in 1935 and underwent a redesign in 1940. It features a shield with a blue field and gold trim, on which is written the agency’s name, “Federal Bureau of Investigation.” The shield is divided into three parts: the top contains a depiction of the United States Department of Justice seal, the left side depicts a shield with 13 white and red stripes representing the original thirteen colonies, and the right side contains a shield with the initials “FBI.”

The FBI seal has several symbolic elements. The eagle, which appears in the center of the seal, represents the United States and the FBI’s commitment to protect the country. The eagle holds a scroll in its beak that bears the motto “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity,” which is a reflection of the agency’s core values. The bundle of arrows in the eagle’s left talon represents the power of the FBI, while the olive branch in its right talon represents the agency’s commitment to peace.

The FBI seal is used on various official documents, such as letters, memoranda, and other agency materials. It is also used on FBI badges and credentials, as well as on FBI buildings and vehicles.

In addition to the seal, the FBI also uses a plaque to represent the agency. The FBI plaque is given to special agents and other personnel as a recognition of their service to the agency. The plaque is made of wood and is designed to be hung on a wall. It features the FBI seal in the center, surrounded by a blue background with a gold trim.

The FBI plaque is an important symbol of the agency’s culture and values. It is given to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, courage, and professionalism in their service to the FBI. The plaque is typically presented at retirement or at other special events, such as promotions or awards ceremonies.

The FBI also has a unique honor known as the FBI Director’s Award, which is given to individuals or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the agency. Recipients of the award receive a special FBI Director’s Award plaque, which features the FBI seal in the center and is surrounded by a blue background with a gold trim. The plaque is presented in recognition of exceptional service, leadership, and commitment to the FBI and its mission.

In conclusion, the F.B.I plaques and seals are important symbols of the agency’s culture and values. The FBI seal represents the agency’s commitment to protecting the United States and its citizens, while the FBI plaque and Director’s Award plaque recognize the exceptional dedication and service of individuals who have contributed to the agency’s success. These symbols are a testament to the FBI’s rich history and its ongoing commitment to excellence in law enforcement.